Bluetack Hosts Manager

The HOSTS Manager is a program to maintain your HOSTS file. You will be able to download directly the HOSTS file maintained at Bluetack, append other HOSTS files to your existing one, replace your HOSTS file by a new one, create a back-up and restore it, add, edit, delete entries and much more. You can use your personal inclusions and exclusions lists. It will not import duplicate and invalid entries. You can also check if your HOSTS file contains invalid domains, thus invalid entries.

  • Changes in
  • You now have the choice to set the service to Manual (default setting) or Automatic.
  • The program doesn't need to be closed / opened again when changing the Iconset. New choice will be applied automatically.
  • Small bug fixed in search method.
  • Download box will now show the lastest update date as seen on the Portal under Hosts File.


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