NFOPad 1.73

NFOPad is a small, fast and flexible combined nfo viewer and text editor. It is a clone of Microsoft's Notepad but with extra settings, and support for nfo files. The file extension is used to determine whether to use an ASCII or Unicode/ANSI font. NFOPad comes with some handy shell extension (optional of course), as always it is the user who should control the programs and not the other way around. Features: - Hyperlink and e-mail detection - Highly customizable (fonts, colors, app. settings) - Built in ASCII-fonts for nfo files - Localized (English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish) - Window auto width - Recently opened files list - Copy on select option - Portable - Shell integration - Extension determines font - Unicode support - Searching & replacing text - Drag-n-drop - Always on top option - Word wrap option


  • Changes in 1.73:
  • - Added command for sorting the selected lines alphabetically
  • - Recent files list instantly updated for all open NFOPad instances
  • - Scrolled position is preserved so the selected text is kept in view (for when reopening files, changing wordwrap/font etc)
  • - When reopening a file the text selection is no longer preserved if the selected text has changed
  • - Fix for detection of email addresses within citation marks
  • - Tabify behavior tweaked
  • - .LOG feature (adding current date and time on open) now marks file as dirty as expected
  • - Bugfix: Opening a file which ends with a non-empty line will no longer add one empty line
  • - Bugfix: Ctrl+Insert and Shift+Insert no longer toggles OVERWRITE
  • - Bugfix: Tabify honors read only setting
  • - Minor fixes to both NFOPad and the installer


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