EZ CD Audio Converter 5.0.9

EZ CD Audio Converter, formerly Easy CD-DA Extractor, rips audio CDs with exact and reliable error detection and two-pass verification of audio, allows editing of metadata supporting multiple services for retrieving high-quality metadata, and burns discs. It has a very fast multi-core audio converter that allows parallel audio conversion with up to 8 parallel converters. All combined in a user friendly interface.


  • Changes in 5.0.9:
  • Bug fixes
  • Fixed the bug where ripping or converting to FLAC would fail with some (AMD) processors
  • It was a bug in the official FLAC 1.3.2 libraries and it has now been fixed by the official cpu-detection patch
  • Fixes the bug where the software would revert to system default language after installation although English was selected in the installer




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