Macrium Reflect 7.2.4942

Macrium Reflect is an image based backup and disaster recovery solutions which have taken another big step forward in speed, simplicity and power, focusing on helping organisations protect business critical data and systems, without fuss and budget breaking costs. Macrium Reflect creates an accurate and reliable image of a hard disk or the partitions on the disk. In the event of a partial or complete system loss, you can use this image to restore the entire disk, one or more partitions, or even individual files and folders.

  • Changes in 7.2.4942:
  • Backup Progress: We've added a live backup total progress bar to the Reflect task bar icon.
  • Backup blocked: A few customers have noticed backups hanging after completion which could prevent the next backup from starting. We've improved the communication between backup instances to prevent a potential race condition.
  • ReDeploy: Some customers have noticed poor CPU performance after redeploying to new hardware. ReDeploy has been improved to only reset CPU drivers if a CPU change is detected


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