DAMN NFO Viewer 2.10.0032 RC3

DAMN NFO Viewer is an utility for viewing text files containing ASCII Art (e.g. .nfo and .diz files). Most of todays modern Windows fonts just don't have the glyphs required for displaying ASCII Art, and those rare ones left are hard to use due to often erratical behaviour of localized Windows versions when it comes to displaying text with OEM fonts. So if you're fed up with starting some DOS-like file manager each time you need to view nfo file, aren't too happy with the viewer you use, or (worst case) use Notepad give this little tool a try.


  • Changes in 2.10.0032:
  • DAMN NFO Viewer now registers itself as handler for text/nfo MIME type
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect language autodetection after first-time install
  • Added built-in cyrillic fonts (codepage 866); Russian language dll must be installed if you want to use them.


Download | 2.10.0032 RC3