Stardock Start8 1.56 / Start10 1.60

Bring back the Windows Start menu with Stardock Start. This is a really useful tool if you still prefer the Windows 7 Start Menu function as oppose to Live Tiles. Quickly access your applications, devices, music, videos and documents the way you always have with Stardock Start. Features include a Windows 7-style Start menu; Restores the quick links to core system functionality; Pin desktop and Modern apps to the start menu; Jump List support; Unified Search for apps, settings and files; One click access to shut down, devices, music, documents, and videos. In addition to that, it offers Configurable Start menu size; Clean, streamlined UI; Changing of "Start" button, and a lot more.


  • Changes in Start10 1.60:
  • Updated for Windows 1803 to fix searching in start menu
  • Added new blur option for Windows 1803 (on by default)
  • Links to the Games and Homegroup folders on Windows 1803 will not work(Microsoft deprecated those locations)



Changelog | Start8

Changelog | Start10

Download | Start8 1.56 (for Windows 8, 8.1)

Download | Start10 1.60 (for Windows 10)

Precracked | Start8 1.56

Precracked | Start10 1.00

Patch | (for Start8)