Avast! 19.2.2364

avast! Pro Antivirus is for people and companies that want a customized computer security package. Antivirus and internet protection components in avast! Pro Antivirus are built for easy integration with existing firewalls in users' home or work computers. Pro Antivirus has two major additions to the core protection elements in avast! Free Antivirus: the Script Engine and the Sandbox.


  • Changes in 19.2.2364:
  • What's NEW:
  • Custom love - We’ve updated the look of our Custom Scans screen
  • Geek-ster egg - We’ve hidden some new advanced settings for our geek fans — just search for ‘geek:area’ in your settings
  • What we FIXED:
  • Improved the syncing speed of our tray icon
  • Made our Outlook plugin work again on x86 systems
  • Thawed out an? annoying UI freeze some of you were experiencing




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