PerfectDisk Professional 14.0 Build 891 / Professional Business 14.0 Build 891

Keep your computer running like new. PerfectDisk Professional's industry-leading defragmenting features speed up everything you do, from browsing the web to downloading music and editing pictures. Plus, you'll see faster machine boot times and fewer software crashes and hangs. PerfectDisk Professional's patented SMARTPlacement feature is the most sophisticated defragging solution available. It identifies the files you use most and then organizes them according to your unique usage patterns. This comprehensive process yields faster subsequent defrag passes, quicker computer boots, slower rates of fragmentation, reduced resource consumption and improved performance of desktops and laptops.

    • Changes in 14.0 Build 891:
    • - Issue with PerfectDisk communicating with vCenter Server 6.5 fixed.
    • - Boot time defrag failing on Windows 10 due to compressed system files issue fixed.
    • - For VMware, fix inability to connect to Host using domain login specified in the form “domain\user”
    • - Fixed out of order/missing log entries in the PerfectDisk Log File.
    • - Fixed issue reporting the analyze duration when an optimize operation is aborted because the fragmentation threshold is not met.


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