Sandboxie Plus 5.43.5

Sandboxie is a software uses isolation technology to separate programs from your underlying operating system preventing unwanted changes from happening to your personal data, programs and applications that rest safely on your hard drive. With it, you can secure your favorite web browser and block malicious software, viruses, ransom-ware and zero day threats by isolating such attacks in the Sandbox; leaving your system protected. You can also run your favorite email program in Sandboxie so you never have to worry about suspicious attachments or spear phishing attacks. It provides data protection as it restricts and blocks internet websites and programs from accessing your personal data (i.e. My Documents), files & folders on your system. With it, you can safely test and try new programs and applications within Sandboxie and prevent unauthorized changes to your underlying system that may occur. Sandboxie runs on all the latest operating systems, supports all major web browsers and comes with small footprint on the hard drive space with simple installation.

  • Changes in 5.43.5:
  • Added

  • added core version compatybility check to sandman UI

  • added shell integration options to SbiePlus

  • Changed

  • SbieCtrl does not longer auto show the tutorian on first start

  • when hooking, the to the trampoline migrated section of the original function is not longer noped out

  • -- it caused issues with unity games, will be investigated and re enabled later

  • Fixed

  • fixed color issue with vertical tabs in dark mode

  • fixed wrong path separators when adding new forced folders

  • fixed directroy listing bug intriduced in 5.43

  • fixed issues with settings window when not being connected to driver

  • fixed issue when starting sandman ui as admin

  • fixed auto content delete not working with sandman ui



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Download | 64-Bit

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