Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My Antivirus detects one of your files as an infected file, is that true?
A: We ensure you that all files we provide are clean, we have no reason whatsoever to infect you with anything. For more information about this please have a look at this topic.

Q: I can't download some files from your site, how come?
A: If the downloads from our proxy(all fixes reside on the proxy) don't work for you then it's most likely a problem on your end. Please follow these simple steps to solve your problem:
1. Turn off your firewall. (If you use Windows Firewall go to step 5)
2. Try to download the file. (If the download still won't work go to step 5)
3. If it works you should check the settings/options of your firewall and look for something along the lines of 'Block referals', 'Referer block' or 'Stealth mode'.
4. If you find any of these options Disable them, after that enable your firewall again and try to download the file. If it works you are done.
5. Check your browsers settings/options for something like 'Block referals', 'Referer block' or 'Stealth mode'.
6. If you find any of these options Disable them. After that restart your browser and try to download the file. If it works you are done.
7. In Firefox type about:config in your URL bar, press Enter twice, search for "network.http.sendRefererHeader" and make sure it is set to 2.

If you're using a download manager please disable it on nsane.down, to do this you could add *proxy** and/or http://proxy** to your exclusions.

If you're using the Tab Mix Plus extension for Firefox please read this post.

If after you've followed all steps the downloads still don't work then please make a post in this topic.

Q: Why do I have to wait 20 minutes before downloading a file for the second time, even when I didn't finish the download?
A: This is a defense mechanism to protect our site from attacks. Please try to make sure our downloads are not blocked somehow, this way you won't encounter this problem again. Sometimes your antivirus will block certain files because it thinks it is a virus, this is not the case, please add http://proxy** to your exclusions or disable your antivirus before downloading from us. We guarantee all files provided on the frontpage are safe.

Q: I've got a suggestion, where should I go?
A: Please post your suggestion in this topic.

Q: I want to help in any way, shape or form, please tell me how!
A: Please register at our forums, check out the rules and start enjoying our active community!

Q: I've got a question not answered in the FAQ, what should I do?
A: Post your question in this forum.