Congrats s1ave77

We nsane admins/staff would like to announce our second member of the Elite group @s1ave77. Thank you for your hard work and congrats.  



Regards to s1ave77 - Seventy seventh of his name,creator of hwid generator and King and Protector of the Windows 10 Digital Activation Realm? Anyway...congratulations.🙃

Both of you deserve it @xanax & @s1ave77

Congrats. Keep up the great job  :cheers:

Congrats @s1ave77 well deserved!

Well done s1ave77...Spartacus would be proud of you!!!😀😀😀

...Because You Deserved This Position Our Dear @s1ave77 

Congrats s1ave77 :) You Deserved this.

Congrats @s1ave77 

Congrats @s1ave77

Congrats @s1ave77 well deserved mate you are in good company here.






Congratulations @s1ave77 .




Well deserved indeed!

Good to see our Elite group populated with such world-renowned experts!

Thoroughly deserved and many congratulations, s1ave77

Congratzzz @s1ave77, well done hun!!!!  :D


May I recommend @vyzzer & @Recruit & @DR_ADHAM to be Elite too!!!!





Second Party :party:

Congratz @s1ave77

Congratulations - So very glad for you. @S1ave77

Congratulations @s1ave77!!

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I would offer to have your next baby, but I suspect you have better taste


well deserved, congrats s1ave77 bro!

Congratulations and success for your appointment. Rgds. 


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Congratulations @s1ave77.

He's just a @s1ave77 to nsane rhythm ....wer'e to his !!

Congrats Master @s1ave77

Congrats  @s1ave77!



Kudos master @s1ave77 for so many years job well done. You deserved it.



keep going 🥂

Many congratulations @s1ave77

Congratulations @s1ave77 🎉

Congratulations !!!

Congrats. s1ave77



Congrats @s1ave77 & @xanax

Well deserved😊

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Congrats!! ;)


Congratulation! hwid is the best tool thanks for making this

 KMS38 is actually THE best part of win10

Congrats @s1ave77 you guys made me speechless.


For a short but intense moment.


Fun fact: Beginning 2013 while searching for a way to activate Win 8 i stumbled into this forums. Came from different german PC boards like ComputerBase. Here i got notice about the famous MDL forums and went there, but always stayed here for a moment a day.


... so thanks a lot ... also Fun fact 2: the discovery of that flaw was that unexpected, we couldn't believe it first. A friend asked me to re-check his scenario to make sure it wasn't just a glitch in his system. History definitely proved the opposite.


Fun fact 3: after that discovery he was playing with ticket based KMS activation (using a similiar solution like the Chinese Government version (activates for an even longer period). All that to offer a Solution for LTSC 2019. Although it also works for nearly all systems, including all Server versions that support KMS activation in general (mandatory!).


Enough about me ... i will celebrate this with the team now ;).


Cheers, doggie.



Congrats, friend... 😉

@s1ave77 Congratulations, brother! You deserve it! Thank you for providing us all with the highest quality tools for educational purposes :) Here's to your intellect, motivation and dedication!

It's really sad to see @s1ave77 is leaving from here, but he must know that being a developer is just like a teacher. A teacher who will find all type and kind of students from smart, middle understanding, and poor students who really need to be very patient with them. Not calling them stupids in order to make them feel worse. 


A good developer/teacher is like candle light inspiring hope, igniting the imagination, and instilling a love of learning. I believe we have made a mistake picking you to be with the @Elite group members. 


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