StartIsBack++ 2.0.6

StartIsBack is a great way to relieve your (and your users) Windows 8 pain. StartIsBack returns Windows 8 a real fully featured start menu and start button, behaving exactly like the ones in Windows 7. StartIsBack radically improves desktop usability and makes new Start screen clutter-free. StartIsBack is fully native lightweight zero-privileges program, cheap and fair, fast, stable and secure. Boot to desktop; Original fully-featured Windows 7 start menu; Desktop and Modern interfaces clearly separated; Make Start screen clutter-free; Totally native; Rich customization and configuration; And More to come! Think of it as a transition path which Microsoft should have made for Windows 8. StartIsBack+ is the all-new version of StartIsBack for Windows 8.1. It's a FREE upgrade for all StartIsBack users. With Windows 10 StartIsBack++ is your pick.

Thanks to SalaR for the update.



We need a doctor/medicine... (caugh) (caugh).... I'm feeling sick ;-)

Anyone have a link to patched version ?

On ?22?-?04?-?2017 at 11:02 PM, Zuez said:

Anyone have a link to patched version ?

Not worse upgrade just for get this Fixed (incorrect taskbar icons corrected)