ACDSee Pro 10.3 Build 675

Welcome to ACDSee Pro, and congratulations on choosing the industry-leading digital photo management software. ACDSee is the essential application for importing, organizing, viewing, enhancing, and sharing your digital photos and other media files. ACDSee imports photos from your camera to your computer, categorizes and rates your files, and manages photo collections of any size - from a few hundred to a few hundred thousand. Choose to view thumbnail previews of any size, or use a detailed list of file properties to sort your files. Can't find a particular photo? No problem - ACDSee includes a variety of powerful searching tools and a Compare Images feature to eliminate duplicates.

Thanks to Recruit for the update.



no defense. ACDSee was a dinosaur. I cannot believe it is still alive:o

Correct link to version 10.3 changelog:

ACDSee Pro 10.3 Build 675 x86/x64+Keygen CORE
(Date Code 9.02.2017)



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Sharecode[?]: /files/6684660/ACDSee_Pro_10.3_Build_675_x64_Core.7z.html
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ACDSee Pro 10.3 Build 675 (x86/x64)


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On 17/2/2017 at 0:39 AM, fishbone said:

no defense. ACDSee was a dinosaur. I cannot believe it is still alive:o

Yes, but imho it's still a good program. :)

25 minutes ago, CrAKeN said:

Yes, but imho it's still a good program. :)

It does the job,, but like many other apps, it just got bigger and fatter over the years to justify a newer version release.. I still use it, always have, BUT, the version I use still is v2.42,, yes you heard it "v2.42" and it's dated 1999 (from when I downloaded it) and the installer is 1.9mb in size, virtually one hundredth of the size of it latest off-spring and I'll bet nobody could tell which one had the better image quality, but I could tell you which loads up fastest.. It does nothing more than show my images when I want to see them - That's It...!!!

It's a dinosaur alright but it's a T.Rex on steroids for my use, and loads up as soon as you have clicked on the image, and I'll probably keep using it until the O/S of the day no longer supports it.. I've used this particular installer on Win98 / 2000 / Server (the original) / XP / 7 / 10... Oh, on Win95 I used ACDSee - the original, no version, just "ACDSee" and updated a couple of times as I went onto Win98 and settled on v2.42 because v2.43 (like v2.44) was a dog...


I still use ACDSee Pro 2.5, good performance, support unicode